A Mother's Love Lamp


One of the strongest and most enduring things in this world is the love of a Mother. I made this lamp to celebrate that love and all the sacrifices and hopes that go along with it. This was inspired by the very first lamp I made, which was a Mother's Day present for my mom.

The Top panel depicts a mother holding her new born baby in her arms as she cradles the child so close and so hopeful.

The Next panel shows A small child looking at a rose that it's mother is holding. I like this panel because it shows a side of a Mother that we don't always think about, that of the person who helps introduce us to the wonders and beauty of the world.

On the next panel we have a more artistic view of a mother holding a new born.

My next panel shows again that special time when a mother is the center of a small child's world. We see young mother walking in the rain, with her small daughter in tow as the child is obviously trying to be "just like Mommy" in a similar bots, dress and umbrella.

The last panel shows three generations of a family as the youngest child walks ahead of the mother and grandmother. I brought the flower theme from the earlier panel back here as the walkway for the family. I like this panel because it shows that with each generation, we are not just our own hopes and fears, or just that of our parents, but a continuation and evolution of the hopes, fears, strengths and passion of those in our family who have come before.

Please understand that each lamp is custom made, so the wood grains or shade will vary from the picture. But I do work to make sure each side matches on any individual lamp. Each Lamp is approximately 6” on a side and 12” tall. Each comes with a 6’ cord with an inline switch. The socket is either for an E12 AKA candelabra bulb or a regular bulb (not included). The wire is rated to 75 watts but to avoid heat buildup only high efficiency CFL or LED bulbs around 5 watts (60+ Watt equivalent) should be used. The wood is 5mm pine or sandalwood ply with a rice paper backing to provide for a wonderful contrast. The wood ships unfinished to allow the natural grain to shine, But you can stain or otherwise finish the wood relatively easily to your liking. I designed them so that once the panels are slid into the base the base cannot be removed, but for bulb changing the top can be pulled off relatively easily. Each Lamp can be made and shipped usually within three days to a week of ordering. But that time really depends on how many orders I am working on. I ship using USPS priority with the US...I can ship internationally for special requests but the shipping rate will depend on the details.

The entire Lamp is designed to be flat packed for ease of shipping but is simple to assemble.

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