Beach Life Lamp (Hawaii, Turtle, Surf, Tribal Whale)


This is one of my more carefree lamp designs. Don't we all wish at least just a little that we could be beach bums, enjoying the sun, the surf, and the fun? Well I know I do:) so as a nod of appreciation to that side of me, I made this lamp to celebrate the wonders of the beach.

The first panel depicts a group of Hawaiian paddlers as they race their Malia (Hawaiian outrigger canoe) along the surf while the mountains of the big island look on from the background. I love the light play with the men and their canoe, you can just see how much they are enjoying the journey. Plus I gave one of them a small pony tale, because every group of beach lovers should have one guy who just refuses to cut his hair:).

The Second Panel is more just a motto for the inner beach bum in all of us. Hanging between two palm trees like the hammock I wish I was sleeping in is the phrase "Life is better at the Beach.

The Third panel is the view of a whale as he breaches the surface of the water. But while he may look so familiar above the waves, we get a glimpse of the true beauty such creatures live in with the tribal design of his lower half still in its underwater world. Because while we may view the world in stark lines and contours, underwater the world is far more varied and vibrant....And now I want to go scuba diving:)

The final panel takes a similar artistic view to that of the giant sea turtle. As it depicts a small island with a palm tree and a crescent moon above within the shell of one of the oceans more awe inspiring travelers.

For the top panel I returned to land with a nice Hawaiian themed floral pattern.

Each Lamp is approximately 6” on a side and 12” tall. Each comes with a 6’ cord with an inline switch, The socket is for an E12 AKA candelabra bulb. (not included) The wire is rated to 75 watts but to avoid heat buildup only high efficiency CFL or LED bulbs around 5 watts (60+ Watt equivalent) should be used. The wood is 5mm pine ply with a rice paper backing to provide for a wonderful contrast. The wood ships unfinished to allow the natural grain to shine, But you can stain or otherwise finish the wood relatively easily to your liking. I designed them so that once the panels are slid into the base the base cannot be removed, but for bulb changing the top can be pulled off relatively easily. Each Lamp can be made and shipped usually within three days to a week of ordering. I ship using USPS priority with the US...I can ship internationally for special requests but the shipping rate will depend on the details.

The entire Lamp is designed to be flat packed for ease of shipping but is simple to assemble.

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