Finding a creative outlet while looking for a Gift

I started out making my first lamp as a Mother’s Day present 3 years ago and had so much fun I started making more for my friends. I did two for the retirement party of some work friends and it just started to snowball…. I’ve become a bit obsessed with making these scenes of wood and light. And have made over 100 designs both of lamps and nightlights. Each side of each lamp depicts a different scene that really only comes to life when lit up. While Each Nightlight depicts a singular scene or character. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Prior to my current time in the Portland OR area, I was in the military stationed all over the world seeing people everywhere create some amazing things with the simplest materials has inspired me in my designs. I've gone back and forth and have finally made the plunge to try and share what I find interesting and inspiring with a broader audience (plus I felt bad pestering my Girlfriend with my new designs all the time:)

Please share my designs with anyone with a love of the beautiful and whimsical, because what is life without a little whimsy?

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